28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

There were thoughts to go to Sochi or Istanbul, but chose Yalta.

I love the Crimea. Perhaps there is some kind of rational explanation, maybe neural tracks have been sewn as it should. But the fact is a fact, I pull me here. Unlike more comfortable, modern and pathoral seats.

With age, it became without regret to overpay, it was for the service. Sincere equilibrium is more expensive. Here I feel it here and feel. Maybe he himself came up with a long time ago a fairy tale in which my subconscious believed.

This is not the best place if you decompose on the components. Space prices.

Yalta in February. The bottle of the most dumb milk costs 85 rubles. For 700 ml, sugar sand 72 rubles. I have no need for the need, but suddenly anyone is interested. People come here to wintering.

A room in Bristol with breakfast cost 4,000 per day. In the season is much more expensive. A good hotel with an atmosphere, but for this money you can enhance the service.

Cozy city surrounded by mountains. And if contemplate blurred, squinting her eyes, then it looks fabulously. But if you look closer, then everything needs to be finished or removing. Even new modern cafes have some shortcomings and shortcomings.

Walking around the city, I represented what he could be if everything was here. The potential is incredible.

But here I will come here? This will already be another city: young and modern, with perfect urban space.

But aren’t there any such in the world? Moreover, nothing perfectly happens.

This will not be the city of Chekhov and Brodsky, and there will be no city of my youth.

I am free here, calm and safely. +13 — the perfect temperature for hiking. I do not like heat and do not like the accumulation of people. I love April, I love October, now January in Yalta.

Naberezhnye and Palaces for the first day, I charge on narrow streets with sugary houses. There and I will wander the next few days.

For this, I arrived here. In Sochi, this is not found, and Turkey did not want to bother to collect references. But in the winter Istanbul, I also really want to get.

I thought it would get a little reboot, but at work calls 30 times on the day. And it is impossible to disconnect from the matrix, still collapses immediately without me)))

Well, as it is. And Yalta is beautiful, more precisely, my self-assumption in it. I will now plan your holiday in a new way. Maybe the sun, the heat, the beaches — the sun is not mine, just always believed that I could not relax.

Those good life that reveal and the world and yourself are a layer behind the layer. It would be bored to know everything before and guided by rational categories in your choice.