Work is difficult to find in the province, find the footage is even more difficult.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

The first thing comes to mind is the whole thing in me. Incorrectly searched: first work, now workers. But is everything so obvious?

I had periods in life when the work had to look for a long time. Probably I could afford it. If such a possibility was not, it would be formed much faster. The loader, a handyman, a collector of furniture and even the sales manager, it was not really tightened by the sales manager. It will be necessary to strain after, 800-1000 per day, but you will not die with hunger.

Each of these if you can say, professions, I mastered blood and then at one time. And not the slightest desire to take these skills in in the desired work I did not have. And by profession it did not work.

The vacancies were, even at the employment center. But in reality it was almost impossible to settle. In state organizations, I was secret that they were obliged to post their vacancies in ads and on the Employment Center website, but they do not expect candidates from there.

Later, I learned that the search for work is a whole science where there are no little things. There are even professionals who for a certain fee lead you up to employment to a specific position.

But I did not expect any other. There are professions that are in short supply, and there, which nafig is not needed today. So, probably, in any city of the world. If you are a good specialist and can contact people, there should be no problems with employment.


There is still a factor of luck. So one of my friend got up without experience in a major car dealership by the assistant toner on a salary of 20,000. For a couple of years, his incomes increased almost ten times.

Where to find an employee?

Now I am looking for workers. That’s the problem too. We need sellers retail for 1200 per day and sales representatives.

Familiar is no longer at that age to run or stand behind the counter. Students come and bent fingers, scattering that they are ready to do for this money, and what not. Maybe it is necessary. Our generation is more obedient and understood little in their rights. They were ready to work for themselves, and for the uncle. Always could always dismiss the lawlessness. For several months we met only one adequate person. But such on the weight of gold, long on this post will not work, they need growth.

Requires an accountant-economist to lead a company on the OSN. I was written in a personal with suggestions from other regions, but it is easier for me to work with a person live. It is easier here, there is a specific request and a clear amount of payment.

For myself, I realized that the main secret of success in any business is to understand what you want specifically. Form a correct request. While I was looking for a «normal work» did not come out. How to make it in a specific profession, designated the criteria Vacancy was found.

By the way, while I wrote the idea of additional income for working familiar. I brass, write. Suddenly, not only for acquaintances will fit.