Without pharmacies and bitcoins.

29 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

To whom the war, and to whom the mother is relatives. I went to the pharmacy, there the most ordinary mercury thermometer costs 400 rubles. It is clear who is enriched on someone else’s grief. Joke, there is a market, and produce speculation is useless

I and my friends started a business in the last two years and still did not close, which means they already got into those 10%, which are withstanding the first difficulties. They have everyone, no one shot Jack-then, no one on masks of 100 million a month shot. Until now, not everyone went into a stable profit, but it is already felt that the case goes and everything will work out.

I wholesale braking non-alcoholic drinks. This business develops and converts new directions.

There is another island in a cafe, but it is absolutely no time for him, although he brings a small profit. Now we will put a fridge with our juices and nectars, it will go cheerful.

But I write about your affairs regularly, now about my friends.

Looking at them and, I do not lower my hands. Theoretization can be long and much. But value has only experience.

Atelier Mattres

I envy these guys. Always dreamed of having a small shop, with all attributes. They decided on a big deal. To enter the market where Ascona and Ormaytek is reigning — the case is risky. But they produce premium mattresses and pillows from foam.

I will write about their experience on the channel and further. Especially the joint project. We are regularly going, we spend brainstorming, invent new tools promotion. And with them business seems a cheerful game, and not a serious difficulty.

Collection and processing of garbage

Guys were looking for their niche for a long time. There were several unsuccessful projects. It turned out where they did not wait, started with scrap metal, but now the main direction of cardboard and plastic. From a small acceptance, Dorosli to its own base. I also became interested in the idea, since many customers are good just throw out. But too troublesome, if you do not lead this direction as the main one.

Construction firm

I wrote about my friend Ravil on the channel. He got a good job in hiring. By the age of 27 he managed to build a house, but the desire to have its own business rearranged. Russian folk fun — construction. In the most difficult periods there is work and money.

It is now he talks about his business with a smile. But few knows, through what difficulties I had to go through: Kidalovo, disassembly, courts. Now it is a motley and successful businessman. His experience is invaluable for us, besides, he has a lawyer in education and sometimes advises us completely free.

This project is engaged in my spouse.

This is not a complete list. Recently were looking for used equipment and met the entrepreneur who deals with this case. It does not just resell, but restores and serves. The guy is 3 months ahead orders are painted. I will write about it in the nearest articles.