With age you realize that life is finite, and happiness — when nothing hurts

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

How not to spend the rest of life on nonsense and empty goals?

«What the people went for, I’m 60, and I am ready to roll the mountains, I drink all night, and then the marathon is able to run …»

But human wisdom appreciates above all the rest. This phenomenon is even less common than iron health.

By the age of 35, it became noticeable that the body no longer pulls the whole of the same load that all previous years spent years ago.

Moreover, I was capable of squeezing more and quickly run, but without full-fledged recovery did not function. Probably, then I first thought that life is shorter than it seems in youth.

At the same time continued to spend it on nonsense. Of course, no universal nonsense exists, as well as universally wisdom. Only personal attitude towards what they are doing. For someone sense in self-development. But by itself — this process also does not make sense. Material wealth can be left at least descendants. And here? Only for self-affirmation on the background of others.

And each builds his picture of the world, with a general strategy, with the criteria of good and bad.

Here in such a picture of the world, see in a row a few hours of the series, it means to spend a life on nonsense. And read Dovlatova is a completely different matter. Although there is no difference in principle. This is your youth book can bring something from life in life. In my years she will not change me. The same way to get away from reality.

So that we do not draw, everything will be an illusion. But something needs to be relying. And for ourselves allocated several priorities.




Money is important

Removed unnecessary:

It is important to make the right conclusion from your experience, and does not get into the forehead twice from the same rake.

Yes, a lot of things. Some things are not yet ready to share. But simplifying and understanding himself, it became easier for me to live.

And where is the country and higher matter?

They are, but I can all be built with a small one. Starting with yourself and the world around will change. I used to think differently. Let the taxi drivers break head over the future world, I would have a little order in your life.

All good, and strictly do not judge for this nonsense))))