Wildberries suggested how to earn without financial investments.

29 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Recently received from the most successful marketer in the country to earn money by setting their new application.

This is definitely not advertising. Moreover, I have a very contradictory attitude towards a company. Just downloaded the app and saw that the idea was cool.

But I did not earn nothing, while everything is pretty raw. It may not work out anything good.

But if it turns out? What do we lose if we try?

And I have long understood one truth, and experience on the Yandex Zen platform is an example. There are bloggers better than me, but less successful.

Yes, what to go far, on the marketer itself they earn who managed to take their niche.

Not only the most talented, persistent and endowed with the genome of success. And often the first, who was at the right time in the right place, got into the topic in the subject while low competition and service at the level. Therefore, I downloaded, I registered and already tried it on myself.

Anyone in it can hold consultations in its field: cooking, sewing business, psychology, business, construction, etc.

Everything is extremely simple and understandable. Registration took 5 minutes. True, I have all the data at hand, in the State Service Appendix. We need SNILS, INN, passport data, registration.

You choose a category in which you can advise, specify the cost and time. Everything. Now the service is literally several people. He received the first application for consultation from acquaintances. I will write down how everything went later. Now a small vidos will rent and attach.

Learn, try, share your experience and your opinion. Under the lying stone, water does not flow, you need to look and try. Not yet teenage balo in the network chop.

All good!