Wildberries lost the goods and the rating of it down.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

These advantages are poured into serious disadvantages: high competition (for the year the number of sellers rose 4 times)

Dumping and inadequate prices from the thread of sellers who graduated from infotsyganic courses.

The commercial goods can be issued for the original and sell at times cheaper. Such competitors may suit hundreds. According to our product, they turned to support, we were answered that this is not their question. Sellers must deal with themselves with those who have no right to sell a specific product.

And chaos, which reigns in warehouses, is something with something. Two of the three of our last shipments were lost in the bottomless marketer hangar. The fact that laid 10 days at the acceptance has long passed, few people are worried.

In support, they snap:

Let’s hope that there will be. But the goods were not on sale, only the inscription that deliveries are not expected.

This can not be —

And on WB it is impossible to create just your store so that the buyer can see the entire range of goods as on Ozon.

Minuses enough. Major problems are known, and most sellers are ready for them.

Here you need to be, and here it is possible to earn a lot and quickly. We went out in plus in the first month.

But the rest of the platforms also need to study, analyze, master.

Some products of partners are better sold on


Kazan Express



The market goes online and to this you need to be prepared.

I have this trend to my soul. I am an introvert, I don’t really complain, I don’t like a fake game in Buying. When there is a living chat, and the seller under the types of empathy of the desire to solve your problems is trying to make your goods. And online trading is quite another matter. Though…

I will master, I will tell!