Why work if you can not work?

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

The first is slavery, the second-cabin …

Words are not mine. But the person who told me, for 40 years really does not really work, sitting on her parents and guilt on this occasion is not experiencing.

I invited him to make a little without leaving home. There is a brain and a guy’s education, and once he got great out of his consultations.

Not even accounting, just do account and overheads to do in the cloud 1 S. The guy has economic education and sometimes it takes for one-time projects. But here refused. It’s not interesting to him this stupid job.

Not married, does not thump, sitting at home. N Well, not married, but how not thumps with such a lifetime, it is not clear)))

Multimum needs. How Vladimir Semenovich sang —

It is clear that such a lifestyle entails certain self-confidence and rationalization. You need to justify yourself, in your own eyes to justify. And I noticed that many asocial personalities are still philosophers. They easily substantiate all the meaninglessness and the absurdity of our gestures, for the incidence of material wealth.

This comrade was the same. Immediately said that it was not going to justify.

«… I live as I can. I do not see any sense to suffer. We are inspired by the branches that it is necessary to work all my life. But who we enrich, not yourself?

And already forgotten than work from earning is different. Whether to work in a bank or on the production of alcohol normally, and not work — bad. Although who brings more harm to humanity? Do you know how many people are employed in these areas? In one slash 300,000 people running.

All this torment is invented by the strengths of this world. There is a need for food or blood, you go and earn how conscience allows. No need, do not earn. All philosophy.

My parents work not because good, but because they can not work. And all.

Okay, if you realize yourself in your work, you achieve some kind of life goal or serve people. Even the janitor.

But basically still making money, Ponte, figacious frights. They were put in 18 years to the machine, here they are like blanks and figacked. So that society did not condemn.

And what benefit bringing their activities, few people are thinking. Dumb work distracts from development. And I am between games on a computer and watching the Champions League, I am engaged in intellectual work. Perhaps leave something significant descendants. This is even more worthy of work, it does not carry a cash remuneration.

With his conscience, I agreed with my parents too. Although I try to provide your needs. And the fact that you look at me crooked is just your problems.

We are just dust that will disappear in a few years. And right who will not suffer this moment to death … .. «

Here is such «Zen-Buddhism». Parents are only aging. They are more important than the Sitrust itself … th philosophy.

We all look for our balance in life, but it is important not to deceive yourself.