Why start a business if you can’t pay a high salary?

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Recently, in his article I talked about the difficulties associated with the search for workers. It does not want to work for 1500 rubles a day. I mean really working, and not to serve the number.

Many readers have brought their righteous anger on me due to such a ridiculous payment. One even hung the status of the slave owner. I really did not think)))

I also saved this money from my pocket, as it was not yet debugged. I know that many are almost two times less in the markets. I believe that this is an adequate initial fee for the work that does not require super remuneration in the conditions of our city.

In general, surprises such an attitude towards small business. I understand when the loot is chopped by the oligarchs and pay to employees of 30,000 per month. Another thing is when a person is trying to make his way and take responsibility for himself.

Well, if someone would pay more. But many complain that they receive 18-20 thousand per month and can not find a job. Somewhere nonstoves.

But the benefit of workers still found, but they are constantly frightening potential proposals from competitors.

The main direction begins the season. Contracts with the supply of non-alcoholic beverages in restaurants, cafes, clubs. Now we will start the goods on Wildberries, Ozon and Kazanexpress. Turns grow, expenses too.

Who thinks to trade on marketers, I can say that it is not difficult to go. The algorithm is simple, you only need to get an enhanced qualified signature — 3,000 rubles. And connect the electronic document circuit of the contour of the diaward or savings. It costs us 1800 rubles. For 340 documents per year.

But find a worthy product and choose a low-competitive niche is much more complicated. This clothes can be bought on the gardener, multiply the price is 5 times and testing. Approximately this makes one of my acquaintance in Moscow, a hurry for very decent money.

With drinks, such an cheating will not roll.

But we found a product that has no analogues in the country. Well, the rest of the products are also heading. The most affordable area of Kazanexpress. All they take is 20 percent of the cost. Ozon is increasingly more and more expensive.

The case goes slowly, if you make efforts, just not always to do it.