Why do I want to leave comfortable Kazan, where I’m fine

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I am writing about Kazan only good: and comfortable, and convenient and the atmosphere is native. In my eyes, the city changed and bloomed. Here I have the closest, many just familiar and connections. Here I will not stay alone, without support. But why is it all the time looking for a place where to leave here?

I have previously asked myself this question myself, and now I hear from others. Apparently I want to escape from myself, about the inner inset, or something is wrong with this city.

Kazan, like any other city of the planet, has its own minuses and advantages. And the locals love their city, but it is unlikely to advertise to move. But also scold too. This is our national national, we ourselves have the right to criticize the country, the government, laugh at our weaknesses, but the bassurmans will not do that.

And all nuances do not know in advance. In the same St. Petersburg, it took me to completely live a year to feel the influence of the climate, but my condition.

Yes, I’m not about it. Why do I want to leave?

And not just on the journey, but completely change the place of residence. I do not know, perhaps a good experience pushes it. Although I understand that it was positive 20 and 10 years ago, today it can be felt differently. But there is a craving, and it does not work. Probably, so I still did not build my house. Because I understand that all this is capital, for a long time, perhaps forever. Some finish of life is obtained. You can always come to this, but while there is time, you are afraid of missing something, some sensations.

I leaving my hometown, where everything is familiar and understandable. Manila unskinedness and even fear. Probably subconsciously wanted to get rid of the comfort zone.

A challenge that matters many resources inside, in which there was no need before.

This is stress and a feeling of rebooting consciousness. New impulses and new experiences.

From myself you will not run out, but you can change the vector of applying what we have.

Such a morning Sunday nonsense on an empty stomach. After breakfast, everything will seem otherwise, but it does not want to write. Therefore, as is.