Why did I stop prescripting, and how the refusal affected health?

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Push ups — Favorite exercises that have become a new life for me. Not so much body workout as spiritual practice and symbol of development. But in the last two months I will go around without them.

In recent years, has repeatedly changed the training schemes. Although what exercise there are, just species and forms of physical activity. For the total tone ran, the swam, squeezed, carried out the power exercises, did stretch and so on. Only pushups remained the only exercise present in my complexes constantly.

Not that he strongly believed in their utility, but thanks to them, I changed my life, joined the sport. At the initial stage, I clung for quick results and visible progress. For several months, the number of repetitions from 12 to 75 is noticeable and brought out of volitional feats and violence. For the first time in life independently introduced a useful habit. Success has greatly motivated and contributed to growth in many areas.

I continued to play sports, refused alcohol and nicotine. He began to introduce new habits and set goals. A family appeared, a new profession, and all this after 35 years. Many things still happened, but it all started with pushups. Using my experience, familiar guys were able to join the sporting lifestyle. So everything was not in vain.

I did not refuse your favorite exercises even during light ailments. Always found forces for workout and two or three approaches.

After the first months of practice, the external results have come to not. Despite the fact that I complicated them as much as possible. I changed the settings of the hands, legs, pressed on fists, on my fingers, with an additional weight. But I believed that while I squeeze, everything would be normal.

Big plus is that to perform this exercise, no special conditions are needed, financial costs, simulators, special clothing. Split from the sofa and suffered. Do not even leave the comfort zone.

Later, I honestly tried to get together with the power of will and replace other exercises but it was above my power

I had to refuse all the same.

The states of strong fatigue, swelling and pain in the muscles appeared. If earlier this happened to the periods, then lately covered it very much. Pushed it painfully. What is connected — incomprehensible. So far surveyed.

The doctor sins on the heart and until she banned all the exercises except walking and swimming. Somehow unusually live, knowing that you do not need to do.

I do not always have a pleasure training. Sometimes they caused unpleasant pressure when they were tired for the day psychologically, and I just wanted to burst into the pillow. But still did. I was afraid that if I miss, the second — everything comes to no. So usually died all the good endeavors in my life.

And there is no stress and overcoming. But there was an unpleasant feeling of loss. As if I quickly and irrevocably shesching what was accumulated over the years. With this fatigue, and so began to feel myself with a seal, and without a load, it seems like a flabby and old.

I go and sometimes I swim. Apparently skiing in the ride this year will not work.

But it is easier to refuse a useful habit than harmful. Many return to this lazy swamp. And the relaxation is immediately rushing in all areas.

I want to lie, watch the series. Maybe nothing terrible, but disappears a sense of satisfaction.

I continue to live in an energy-saving mode. Looking for the reason for my ailments, now is the primary task.