Why burn in the network, not a boy already?

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Blogs, social networks, messengers gave tremendous opportunities for communications and publicity, but many do not seek to use it. Life experience suggests that it is necessary to live imperceptibly.

Such questions often asked the closest people. They are not the fact that the blog does not lead, even accounts in social networks do not have. And I understand them perfectly. If you think your personal space is not worth contemporary to unauthorized people, it is not necessary. The 90s were taught us that it was better not to glow, whether the attention could not be attracted.

And they are attracted, sometimes they even threaten in a personal for insufficiently moral lifestyle, dislike for the country and to Ole Buzova.

One row prohibits children to register on social networks, for there are plenty of sick personalities a lot of concerned and just people with different deviations. Even forbids being photographed at home so that no one saw the home furnishings. And then who condemns who will envy, then it will face.

The share of common sense in this is, but the world is changing and most people live in the network. After all, to protect yourself from problems, you can not at all shine and do not go out of the house. Also smoothed can.

And recently one classmate played. Forged his page in VKontakte. They wrote all sorts of torment in interest and in a married position. They dug out friends and different spicy photos. Then they sent their friendship suggestions and a common acquaintance. Thought that there would be a kind joke, and the man got the strongest stress when he learned. After all, different people saw him in an unsightly light.

Yes, and without the Internet, they can make fun so much that in the hospital will be found. Pretty friends arrange lime attempts or arrests.

Another comrade constantly warns: why do you write, why shine, then it will affect the future.

Already 5th dozen, and everything is afraid that it will affect. Sweese has not prevented anyone else, but life goes quickly, and I do not want to manage any contrived fears and scenarios.

There is a risk of any action. It is important that you get. And I get.

I need this. Maybe there is a need to write. This is a way to communicate with the world. Perhaps for those

For me, this is another tool for setting yourself, studying your own goals and problems. Yes, and entertainment paid. It is better than watching the TV shows.

Only time for this thing is less and less. Holiday greetings!