Why am I doing trade, and not doing real business?

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I myself do not regret this market. Circle manipulation, schemes, divorces. Buy cheaper and crawl. And about the high mission and the benefits of people, many trucks do not really think. Most businessmen do not think. Each has its own picture of the world and principles. Money rolls.

I myself am an old formation and would like to make production. But these are completely different risks, investments and payback periods. That’s all the alignment, so at the stage of trade.

Our client who has a sewing workshop, hard mocked our activities. Useless bars, buy-sell. He himself takes for any orders. She sewed, masks in a pandemic, workwear. Successfully participates in tenders, according to him.

Maybe Kopit Schihar, but the externally large capital did not earn. But the real business.

But the business has one goal — to make a profit, it is advisable to legally. And buy — it is quite legal.

Recently, he received a small contract for the supply of blankets. I purchased the materials, the segal machine, began to do and praised the first samples. I voiced the price, you can buy and resell.

We ourselves sell the adjacent goods and often go from wholesalers in warehouses. They saw similar blankets by 30% cheaper. I called a comrade, I advised to come off. Really cheaper, makes our company somewhere in the Vladimir region.

And what do you think? This combined it further to develop production, look for opportunities to reduce costs and cost?

No, I found the manufacturer, purchases the blankets from him and stupidly resells. Therefore, all this is nonsense about the idea. If the manufacturer has the opportunity to earn on resale, earn. Because it’s just a business.

The idea is good, the process is wonderful. But without profit, you know.