While the half is crowded and ruined in Sochi, I bought tickets to a more democratic and atmospheric place

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Everything was mixed in the world over the past year: prices, people, directions … to sit down at home until everything decorates. But we live once, and then very long.


Many familiar are still there, and not particularly satisfied with their stay. The main minus is all undeservedly expensive. Salads in a cafe at 600, ski passes on a 3500 skiing, a taxi — generally space. The amount of costs several times higher than the planned one. Service with Turkey does not compare. The only thing that pleases is the weather, +18 and the sun.

Although, if you estimate on tickets and the hotel, it turns out inexpensively. From Kazan for two dozen in both ends of a direct flight, hotels are set to choose from, from 2000 per day. It seems, well, even if everything else is expensive, in a few days — we will not ruin. But I do not pull me there. More importantly, the service is an atmosphere and some inner picture, feeling, mood.

It was possible in Istanbul 5 day tour for two costs from 20 to 40 thousand. But certificates, risks, curfew, etc. Fuss, not rest.

Always dreamed of visiting in winter in Yalta, but did not grow up. I thought on the car to go, but there is no extra day, only 4 days.

As a result, they took a ticket for the plane for 16,500. These numbers did not work directly, only with a change in Moscow. Fortunately, waiting for a long time.

Another 15,000 cost the hotel with sea views in 4 nights.

It only confuses that the airport transfer is more expensive than a plane ticket. Share your experience friends, what taxis will take advantage of? Cheaper leaves the car for 4 days to rent at 1500. Although I was not going to ride anywhere, only walks and relaxes.

Dear, of course, considering that we fly after the holidays and the hotel level. I thought this season is a little cheaper the hotel will cost. But the cheaper is 3500 nothing decent and it is even without breakfast.

Crimea I love, and its ruin and fellingness especially. They will be adjusted soon, pulled up to standards, turn into Anapa and Gelendzhik, and the atmosphere will disappear. While everyone has not spoiled to fly.

Relax also does not hurt, and fully disconnect from the matrix. The daughter will stay with a grandmother, laptop too. My wife has a phone always with you, because without a photo and the video will not stay!

Good friends! Take care of yourself!