Where are my 17 years

29 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

We decided to make a small weekend. Well, as a day off — overnight and half a day. We went to the hotel, removed the room more, attempted, bought in the pool, shaped in the sauna. Prices are democratic.

The hotel is not 5 stars, but quite at the level. Two-storey room with a jacuzzi, a delicious breakfast, and only the most beloved.

It seems to be resting, yes relax, and in the head a lot of thoughts, dialogs, forecasts, and searches for solutions. It is impossible to turn off. Apparently, so I loved so much. In his youth, worked the fastest and spectacular way to disconnect from the matrix. 150 and no excitement, problems, offense, only enjoying the moment.

I remembered how Kuralesili, filmed houses on a leisure database, music, kebabs. And the girls … Mystery and waiting for something always attended. And there was no caring, except for money to earn money.

This will not be.

Although they rambered, even though it is emerged, lay out and collect all the surviving friends of youth. This is this form of masochism.

Talked recently with one very successful businessman. He remembers that he was happy in his hungry youth. No money returns those sensations, shades, inspiration. Now only a measured life and a relax for a body on a schedule.

And then dreamed of money, beautiful cars and expensive restaurants. And here they are.

Poor youth — as the best lifetime was definitely not perceived, it was hope that the best of course ahead. And now the best?

But it seems that then everything was brighter, rich. It was possible not to think about the years. It seemed ahead of the eternity and the ocean new.

Now I just want peace and relaxation. When did it slip the moment the golden middle? Yes, never, every time the best, every feelings and shades. Just consciousness plays with us. What is not the best now — or in the past, or in the future.

After all, it is really awesome now, if you turn off your head or especially not to trust memories. My wife can, as a child rejoices and is surprised to everything.

And I turned off in the pool, dived and sailed the metro 15, and turned off. Through the body relaxed the mind and began to enjoy a moment. Unique feelings. Immerse yourself in the game with a child or just ride in the cold, listen to the squeak of snow under your feet. This is not a drive and euphoria of youth, but maybe even better.

But stuck a little on emotions, and again a storm. The most interesting thing is that there were no external reasons for this. Himself, in his head, something remembered and unfolded the battle.

So simply from all this muta it is not to get rid of what they did not promise enlightened. In vain that whether Buddhists practice awareness to decades.

But if you focus on this, then sometimes you can turn off from the matrix.

And youth behind. But if you don’t lie yourself, then nothing terrible in it. After all, the best time is now. It would be health.