What teenagers annoy the people in Kazan shopping centers?

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Recently, the topic of the behavior of adolescents in Kazan shopping centers sounds regularly. Residents straighten up that young people are mistaken in Mollah, they occupy the entire Foodcourt and behave not quite adequately. Local Internet portals are regularly written about this.

Kazan people are outraged that young people are being rejugging, drinking alcohol, and a litter. Perhaps steals and engaged in other dark divids.

I myself did not notice such trends. V


Sit, bolding into their gadgets, talk, sometimes laugh loudly, do not hurt anyone. I think there is a problem, but it is very inflated.

True, a few years ago a friend told how teenagers near the ATM came to her son and asked to help with money. Then everything cost. In the same 90x- this was like every step.

In social networks, this «problem» and opinions were divided. Someone negats and aggressing in their direction, calling the authorities to make this issue, and someone treats understanding. After all, young people only respond to the surrounding situation that it does not create. Not in the entrances to them. So it happened always and everywhere. Probably now there are no worthy alternatives to such a pastime.

I remembered my youth. Then, probably, those who have matured in the 60-70 and were actually shocked. I will not even deepen in Kazan criminal features. I am confident that the St. Petersburg informal parties did not cause a positive relationship from the honorable public.

True, many of these forgotten and confident that they were normal in their teenaged 90s, they behaved respectfully, respected people, did not drink, did not smoke and all that.

I also don’t like much, but I understand why. Because in my picture of the world everything should be different. If I were a director, everything decomposed on my shelves, everyone would go, not annoying, but on the contrary, in every way I carete 😄 But I’m not a director)))

Young people are typical of searches, experiments, protests and provocations. Get down and become normal people. I saw in my childhood such right diligent pioneers. And then, and now I try to stay away from such normal.

I was always closer to Toma Sawyra, but they all remained in my youth. And the aunt Poly arranged more obedient and combed LEDs. Fans brand tween will understand)))

Another fashion trend to which I treated negatively -eto Pranki. Young people in public places shoot various provocative situations on video. When people deliberately put in an awkward position, or try to cause negative emotions from them.

Sometimes it is harmless scenes — Ala

Here is one such blogger noticed the ring walking in the cowals and decided to ask him a few questions. No malice or stupidity in it noticed. Looking for yourself, try to manifest yourself, get rid of fears, earn. In general, times changed, Timur with his team no longer authority. You can take it, but you can burn with righteous anger. The choice is yours.