What business can be bought for 100,000 rubles.

29 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Trading points for sale, service sector and even small production.

I bought myself a business, but it will be more about this in the following articles. Maybe our experience, including unsuccessful, will come in handy to someone.

More precisely, we decided to expand our activities, acquired a point in the mall. Made it because it was cheaper to buy and remake than to open a new one. A small cafe went to us for 98,000, and if they started from scratch, the investments would be made up from 300,000.

While I was looking for, we were promoted all the business issued for sale and found several interesting options. Of course, you can not walk with such a sum, but you can play the entrepreneur.

The most common offers are points in trading orders and grocery departments. Remains of goods and some kind of equipment. Some are also offered a security payment as a gift and a half-seater paid lease. Noodles are put on the income.

But traffic can be calculated by standing a few days at the point. That’s just if the offer is interesting, then the business can float. I know what happens that familiar sold the revenue hairdresser. I urgently needed money to buy an apartment, went on the first day for 200,000.

By the way, hairdressers a lot. If you yourself are ready to cut, then a good version of the start. The location and frames are important.

There are Sewing Atelier, Pastry, Mobile Accessory Sales points, Hookah, Floral, Manicure, Shaurnian.

Most likely unprofitable, well, or with a small profit. Enterprises are small, and the care is large. All this small business is not in vain called slavery. There are at least some bonuses in large.

Count for the fact that you will have almost passive income, it is not worth it. But the core work is 12 hours a day, and at the same time losses every day — the option is very likely.

Is it possible to start a business for 100,000?

If you buy these enterprises, you still have to invest. But in general is real. If entrepreneurs from scratch independently spin accounts in social networks.

Much in advertising can be done free. But you need to really freeze and do not wait for quick results. If it is the case, then the result will be, if you quickly cut the dough, it is unlikely.

But if you think about opening your case, it will not be superimed by the exhibit on the sale of businesses from this sphere. You can go to chat with owners, staff and even customers. For analytics and forecasting it will definitely not hurt.

We bought an unprofitable point. More precisely, assuming it is unprofitable. The former owners argued that after Quarantine was hard, but now the situation was leveled and no longer goes to zero.

But over -2-7, she had an average of 6,000 revenue, at a break-even point in 3500. More details in the nearest articles.