What are the manifestations of me and the people who have overshadowed the equator of life?

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Not that something scares me very much. I have not compare with anyone for a long time, but looking at many people who oversail a forty-year-old frontier, anxiety is visited me. More and less joy, more and more regrets.

And it’s not only in poverty and alcoholism.

Me here many are diagnosed, and without a doubt some of them have a place to be. They write about clinical reflection, and about the fact that he is trying to convince himself in the correctness of the path that I go. What I myself doubt, I’m missing and I do not believe in what I say.

And as otherwise, I am not a tank and not enlightened. There are doubts, like any thinking person. Life alone and for a calm dock has not yet earned. I am not only about finance, there are unfulfilled lessons in other fields.

Everything has its time

Agree. It is better to marry to 30, in order to have time to live in pensions. Business is also a young business, while not burdened by family and other obligations, you can risk and even goes into minus.

So why should I all? If you can easily live, work, relax. Let and without excess, but who needs them at this age?

And most things are really not needed. Cars, clothes, showing in the past. The ladies and friends will not be needed in the eye. A small house, a wheelbarrow, but the opportunity to get out sometimes into warm edges.

In the list of 50 cases, which I want to do, 45 are not connected with money.

Motives are much, not all of them are recognized. But I do because I consider it right and, at least these actions do not oppress me. Money is needed for me, and for loved ones. Desires and classes are not all yet, there is also the health of parents, the education of children.

If profound life

The hardest thing I see among those who already for 40, 50, 60 are unrealized. There is a potential, but everything is strangled with fears, stereotypes, self-absorption. There are no strength and courage to cross through the pain.

There is mainly alcoholism, depression and self-destruction. The brain will not give rest. Most often smart and gifted people are deprived of some qualities that interfere with achieving success. Not refreshments, there is no ability to bear responsibility, often insecure in themselves and inactive.

But there are still solutions. Easier to drink and suffer. And I believe, because everything felt everything. And he himself passed some way, which was impossible for himself.

It happens that there are no resources, health and time, but most often we limit ourselves. With doubt, regrets will have to be understood, otherwise everything will only worsen over time. Honesty to us to help!