«What a line of Prostokvash, when we live only once …»

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

«The words of the classic are sometimes populated in consciousness, when damn it does not want to do something, and necessary. And who needs? For what?

Why keep ourselves in heroic mittens when you can relax and live in your pleasure? I hear this question regularly. About comments to articles at all silent, it will watch that the hair stands on end. But the most interesting thing is that you usually know how to live, it is better for those who do not know how to live.

This is a personal conclusion from real, not virtual observations. I never argue with these connoisseurs, because it is pointless. But with those who really look for balance in life, I can subside and share experiences.

I myself ask myself similar questions. Sometimes. She covers so much that I want to escape. Get quietly from home to get into the car and go away without a navigator away from people. Somewhere north or better in your youth. To friends, our cheerful digging and carefree days. To go into a litter with all fun disgraces and dances under the stupid hits of the group «Combinations». No Grebenchikov, dusty pseudophilosophy and meaning of life.

We live once, and more than half, or so, lived. And you do not want to grow old. Yes, and grow up too?

It is said that all his time. Approximately 25 can be broken, then an adult life, in order to really experience her completeness. I lasted 10 years more. But then simply did not become bonuses from such an existence. Well forgot forgot for a few days and look from a parallel reality as normal people live.

Either grow up, or quickly collapse. That’s the whole choice. And it’s not just to accelerate or reduce the term of my arrival, but also quality. And the quality is laid in the implementation. This genius can be implemented in self-destruction, but I’m about an ordinary person.

For me, the question is to determine the lifestyle in which I feel comfortable and I feel satisfied when I try to develop and build.

If today I had such a choice, then maybe I thought. But it is simply no.

Or infantile and bad, or responsible but well. Either feelings of guilt, shame and its own worthlessness, or satisfaction and harmony. Or destruction, or creation. That’s the whole choice. Again for me, someone knows how to other.

P.S. Sometimes it seems that everyone lives as it may not be less. A businessman has no resource for bompers, in an alcoholic to not drink. For the time being before time. Is it a real choice, or do we make the highest possible action in every second time? Maybe we will never know it.