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28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I would have presented such a tool. True, now it is already enough, but the time does not remain quite. Even here it is less likely to write and completely refuse to advertising proposals, they would be completed to me 30-40 thousand could bring.

Other current challenges in life. But 2 hours a day to pay a blog — the habit.

I could not make a way of earning from the channel, although sometimes he brought good money. He treated him with a soul, but still I am not an expert in order to be professionally invest. Therefore, it is not in Nirvana, as a result, advertising is inexpensive and the shows are limited.

And so it would be possible to earn on it. I mean friends. Plots, experience, stories here are very in demand. By the way, many tried to conduct the channel on their own, but no one happened. Maybe because they wanted to do everything right and beautiful. And only every nonsense, like mine, comes here)))

It did not work with the writer, but we had a spontaneously organized club in interest. 90% is dedicated to earnings, plus sports and other plans. Nothing special, just put the goals, get feedback, make a brainstorm, then report. The simplest scheme in order to increase the motivation to create goals correctly.

The easiest way to sports. Here experiences above the roof. With money harder. Although there are those who earn good, but the experience of specific not everyone will come in handy. The complexity is still different income level. One you need to build twice as many houses for the season, and some would be nice to just get an additional income by 500-1000 rubles. in a day.

Although the first seconds can offer good sabers. But they are more for young people.

From successful ideas. Last year, two guys bought a motoblock and worked well on it.

I am now developing my business from scratch, in which I do not understand anything. The benefit of experienced consultants is enough. I can not take the staff, everything is made to the maximum with the same. But interest can offer. Moreover, there is a product that is in high demand at an adequate price. This idea did not cause any particular enthusiasm, but one has already earned 40,000 rubles, finding only one client.

In general, the club began to work only on this week, before that only chaotic meetings happened. All interesting projects will post here. Experience of course too.

And what ideas of additional earning do you have? Share, I will be grateful.