Wandering Tatar, who helped me get rid of despondency and suffering

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Each of us is found on the way people who open their eyes on the most important things. And even if I immediately did not understand or did not accept the promise, they wade and ripen inside, without our conscious participation.

And how many correct words were told in adults and wise people who tried to protect us from their own mistakes. Who would listen?

But some fell as it should, and pop up throughout the whole life, especially in the most difficult moments.

In 20, a little fate smiled at me, I got a job in an excellent company. For the first time, my boss was not a brother from the 90s, and not stupid nominor, but a wise and calm person. I treated me very well, and he taught me a lot. I am amazed how he could, without strong emotions, perceive the injustice or stupidity of employees, as she kept balance in the most stressful situations.

And then I loved to suffer, especially under the degree. The world is imperfect, and I am more and more)))

In this life, the life of the pride and the feeling of their own uniqueness prevents us. It seemed that only I feel some emptiness that only various troubles were happening to me. Zingkihood for a long time I interfered with growing and developing.

Although how much I read the «right books» and classics, and self-development, and psychology. But I saw in them only our own sparky world. Thieves, gangsters, loss of morality, and I, as a lost puppy without the right landmarks.

I somehow merged with him. And he said then:

«… Lech, suffering and pain are given for growth. But feel the victim to suffer about your suffering is really destruction. We are all passing through our bottom and face a personal hell. You need to get rid of the illusions that someone lives Easy and fun.

You are not unique. Look around the homelessness, drug addict. Prostitutes, sick. Think they dreamed of such a lifetime. You think wealth and success will get rid of you from solitude and pain. No, only your personal responsibility.

But what we have, in many respects our choice. Somewhere preferred not to take responsibility for their state, for their finances, for their pain. No one will save us if we do not ask and do not begin to act.


The years needed to digest all this and start something to do.

If you look around, you can see how lucky me. Lives parents, there is a family, work, opportunity, time. Sometimes I’m angry on the road due to traffic jams or inadequate, but after a few minutes I see another accident and I understand how much everything relative.

Probably, I am not guilty, played your role, childhood, environment, genes. And my path was to be like this: through pride, infantilism, denial.

All this is important to see, honestly without illusions. It is extremely difficult to do this if the own concepts were monitored for life.

Therefore, you need to be attentive to the words of others. Each has something to say.