Visited the village of Tatar Aisha.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

The other day I posted the video that sent me from Brooklyn to me. A few moments were unpleasantly surprised. For example, the school is no longer a prison, illogical numbering of houses and garbage on sidewalks.

And spent this weekend from a friend in the village of Tatar Aisha, which is 40 km from Kazan. The place is very remarkable and distinctive. I will write about local attractions separately. But I will lay out a couple of photos of breathtaking species.

Comrade has a small house built in 1961. His great-grandmother lived here. Now they live in the capital, and the house is used as a cottage.

From the signs of civilization here, only gas and microwave. The rest is still as 60 years ago. Though movies take off.

Do I really want to spoil such a house with siding and glass packages?

In a similar setting and I spent my summer vacation. Therefore, the memory responded to the attacks of nostalgia and dignity.

Once it seemed to me that everything seemed to be wetted: the sheds, toilets on the street, latch on the nail. Now everything is different. It seems everything should be, everything in its place.

It was important for me to show your daughter a live horse, goat, geese. Play with her on the grass.

About New York, Kazan and Tatar Aisha

But drew attention to one detail. Even two. Trash Residents are carried out in packages and leave on the side of the road, as well as America.

Only everything is more careful. Mom has long been said that in our village the same way. There are no more chaotic landfills and selans do not have to break the head like getting rid of waste.


Still that the little Tatar village and the largest megalopolis of America are low-viewed land fences. The height is not more than a meter, I saw at home without fences. In the suburb of Kazan you will not see this, mostly all tightly closed.

These are observations. Tatar aisha is almost New York, only better. There are no discrections, traffic jams, fastfood and other pribrud of the winding West. Kidding.

Places are wonderful, I recommend moving here. About the settlement, font and local cottage cheese will write separately.