Up to 35 years, life has not been evolved.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

In recent years, 7, intently observed people who are interesting to me, in terms of success. Not only financial, career and creative, but also how they feel in life.

The key success rate is not the amount of bank account, but satisfaction with life, the ability to enjoy, solve problems and comply with internally equilibrium.

These are far from always educated and well-width people. It also noticed that people with an unhealthy psyche and nervous system are often trying to compensate these pathologies to the development of intellect, creativity, and someone immediately does not bother and begins to take anesthesia in the form of alcohol and other drugs.

But the mind and creativity also do not always save. It is worth remembering the outstanding writers, poets, musicians, chess players of the 20th century. Many of them schizoids, alcoholics, suicidians. Neither creativity nor success and recognition saved them from personal tragedies. With scientists, not everything is so sad, although it can simply less information. They have more systemic thinking, but often in real life, are helpless.

And just around me there are many talented, smart people with all resources and opportunities for success, but unrealized. Despite the mind, they do not know how to find agreement with them and the world, to understand what they really want from life, can not cope with their own experiences. So passes unhappy life.

And nearby ordinary people live, who are firmly on their feet, easily solve the same problems, they can rejoice and do not worry on trifles. They do not dig in themselves and do not solve global philosophical issues, but they are all right with nerves and self-esteem.

And the smart man begins to justify his failure to intelligently evidence that only stupid inspirations are successful, which rods like bulls, having spoiled on everyone else. They do not have a shame not conscience, so it is easier for them.

But the success of them to seek not only at the expense of their arrogance, but due to the fact that the CTO is able to concentrate on the task, without turning themselves with superfluous and harmful issues.

About this is probably the paradox of Dunning Kruger. Smart sort of knowledge and intelligence should feel more confident, but everything happens on the contrary. The infinite searches and reasoning do not help find solutions, but give thousands of proof of their worthlessness.

And it’s not so easy to raise this self-esteem. Listen to psychologists so easy enough to write down their success on the leaflets, but in reality it will not give anything. I did not give me. It is necessary to re-alone the neural tracks, to do things that you avoid out of the unwillingness to worry. Take an assurance (confident) behavior. Neither book knowledge, but experience solving problems and skill to cope with difficulties this self-esteem will be raised. And the body will cease to bombard themselves with a cocktail from adrenaline and cortisol at the slightest stress.

The task is difficult, but solved.

I myself am from such, however, with a low self-esteem, not a brilliant intelligence was disfigured))) All my successes in sports, relations, finance are related to the development of this quality. With little external success grows inner, I can,

I wish you success, raise self-esteem and find the balance in life!