Two months were looking for an employee for 1500 per day.

29 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Work is, only there they pay not for wiping the pants. So always it was. What any suggestions were even in the most dying times. But we ourselves approximately appreciate the permissible borders. If there is a possibility not to work by the seller or handymen, we will not.

By specialties, there are no suggestions. And it does not matter that the profession has long been not in the trend. In vain or what studied. Few people are ready to look for solutions, get new skills and develop. More prefer to sit in the swamp, in the hope that the situation will change.

I found workers. But it took for almost two months for it. Although no special requirements have been put forward. 5 days a week in Light mode, in the output load higher. But then interest from sales. Two through two, it is possible and less. Now it is already a bit unwinded at the same time two weekend to work.

An acquaintance with the market called, but she refused. Why such a bustle, if you can stupidly sit all day on a chair for 800 rubles, selling caps. And here you need to cook waffles, coffee, Milkcheki, still wash the dishes.

With guys easier. As if the old people did not drive on modern adolescents, they are ready to work for money. Several times hired 20 year old guys for night unloading. For 300 per hour work. In the afternoon learn at the Institute. So even on Marketplayer Kazan Express work for 800 rubles per day two in two.

And these with suitcases on great, that food and products are treated. How they worked in such a stupus. Respect.

People and older and older came. Also the fingers bent. As if age is already an advantage in itself, and they deserve their surcharges and benefits.

It is not surprisingly apparently that their years could not find themselves. Is life a bad teacher?

You still need a manager, caught myself thinking that I would like the young. Well, to drive it was possible to fully, for the future. Work and day, and at night, the salary is unstable. I now understand what is easier. And dismiss, and replace if not pulling.

But I will not justify yourself. I wanted small forces to ensure my frames. Do not pay for the placement of vacancies, on acquaintances and yes in groups in messengers and social networks cried. But still you have to save.

And I would not go to such work. And the guards in the shopping center for smaller money all day on the legs. But the type is solid — the security service.

And the frames are really all. Girl came and revenue increased by 70%. My thought immediately needs to sell it, and she is in refusal. He says that came to do what he does, and its development at this stage is not interested.

That’s how we live.