Today I am 42. There is something to say

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Youth is youth. Experiments, searches, adventures, first love. But there was still childhood when we dreamed more to grow up. There is no point in comparing different ages, everyone has their own difficulties, joy and lessons.

In the morning gifts began. The daughter decided to twitch 42 times behind the ears. But then it was compressed and solemnly handed a gift that herself chose.

«Well, how do you feel in your 42?»

Much younger than his years, a maximum of 39 «

The day began with laughter and turned out to be saturated. Having finished with the affairs, went for gifts. I introduced a new tradition on my birthday to give parents. The wife with his daughter quickly reacted and also fit into this list. I give me more pleasant than getting.

By purchasing products, headed for the city. We sat sorely, and after friends went swimming on blue lakes.

Already in the evening I sat down to sum up some results.

Over the past few years, more events have occurred in life than, for the previous 15. More precisely creative events that can be asked to asset.

So this year, despite the world turbulence, did not change the vector of development. I trial in business. Passed online marketing training in the Far Eastern Federal University. Even took part in the poetic competition, taking third place.

Like life boils, but there are no bright emotions from achievements, anticipation. But the difficulties are not embroodble from the saddle. Everything became even more, no longer perceive life as a whole as a struggle.

Health brings, but the last two months of the pah-pah, the energy appeared, the mood is excellent.

You need to do something with the channel, not always enough time to write, and the themes are needed. The platform stifles the texts, and the video does not fit me much.

I thought to reformat him from the vague in the thematic business blog, but boring. Yes, and all secrets will not share openly.

This year I do psychological. Without this, people seek help and experience and even created a small club. It may turn out to do it professionally.

Life goes on. And good life.