Three years ago I became my father

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Tomorrow daughter 3 years old. She is the only gift of fate that I have never regretted. Although it was preparing for more serious tests.

I started this blog when she was 6 months old. Muddy’s impended men wrote that the year-another would pass, and everyone enthusiasm replaced with concerns and alarms. And at that age it is better to not fit into paternal harness, health and strength may not be enough.

And indeed, a pregnant wife, childbirth, some kind of fuss was deprived of a fragile equilibrium. But as soon as I first saw her, life was filled with new meanings.

Today it becomes scary to me from the fact that she could not appear in my life. I did not know that I could experience such feelings, especially strangers, the children did not cause me.

I did not know that it was so easy I can take all her hooligan deeds, without experiencing irritation, and a lot of things did not know about himself. Together with the baby, and began to know the world again.

Of course it is difficult sometimes paying attention to her. And in the morning before work, and after, she demands games or just my presence. Exchanges are not accepted. But for this it is worth living.


And after all, negative forecasts were not only from the side. He himself did not know how to react to all this business. I’m irritable, I love silence and privacy. Although deliberately made a choice to create a family, but still did not know how I would cope with difficulties.

Everything turned out to be much better than I could assume.

And today you need to buy a gift. The toy, such that the dad is also cool to play. Can a helicopter?