They want to live for themselves and are not going to give birth.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

How so? Many women cannot have children, although they dream about it. And these voluntarily refuse to the process laid by nature or God. It has always believed that this is not the best fair sex representatives.

Once again, I was convinced of this by studying the ideas of the flow of the Childfrey. Of course, within the framework of only its own worldview of good and bad. But the world is much more difficult to arrange as our idea of him.

About Childfry

Women voluntarily refuse children not to experience inconvenience in life.

They are confident that children interfere with self-realizing and build a career. Serve as the cause of conflicts in relations with the opposite sex. Take a bunch of time and strength that you can spend on yourself.

They want to control everything, but they will not work like that, they won’t shove them back. So-so philosophy, but rationally.

If, which out of the strong sex was indignant, then I can assure you, many men think much pragmatic, especially in the comments. I constantly read about the despair of fate for children and family.

Probably, from the point of view of the morality of many people, churches and other religions, this choice is not the right one. Yes, and soldiers are needed)))

But there are women who have never heard about narcissistic Childfrey. They are just deadly fearing to give birth, fear their own feelings and future hatred for their own children. And no psychologists have no help.

Why support

Firstly, I think that everyone can live as he wants, provided that it does not harm others and does not impose his way of life as the only true one.

And secondly, why are such mothers need? They think that this is their choice, but they have led them all their life experience. Perhaps they are Nevinovatat, and in the world, there are fewer unfortunate, unloved children who will soon leave drugs, alcohol and psychological injuries.

Perhaps the very fact of the birth of a child, revives love and maternal instinct in the heart. But perhaps only dislike or that worse. Many childfries really hate children, represents what it can turn into. So let them live with cats and dogs. Have a complete right to this.

No statements, just thoughts inspired by a conversation with a woman who does not want to have children. Even physical rejection from childhood is experiencing. And I have no condemnation, only sympathy that so.