There is no passive income, but I don’t want to hire.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Gol on fiction of the cunning. The business went not from a good life, but because of the lack of alternatives that arrange me.

If there were decent starting capital, I would choose a niche, spent a deep marketing research, and launched the project according to the business plan. Any high-tech production, with the prospect of capturing the global market. And it would not be sprayed on all this nonsense, which is engaged now.

But no capital. There are already investors, but so far it’s too early to talk about a big business. Therefore, we are thrown from side to the side. We are looking for topics where you can quickly and make a lot.

What have we have today? A small marketing agency, an island in the shopping center, wholesale of non-alcoholic beverages, shops on marketers and even going to do something. We still spin the grid of telegram channels.

Such a vinaigrette for adolescents is suitable, and for a 42 year old man — not serious. But apparently I’m late, do not grown to big things. Here in a taxi to work or zerklad, it is an adult, and telegrams canals are kindergarten.

About drinks and island and wrote a lot. But these directions need to be seriously changed. To make them autonomous, you need to pour money.

Forces and time takes decently, and the exhaust is small.


By the way about production. To raise even a small workshop, we need millions. But why do it? We speak as dealers, sell at the same price as the manufacturer, do not carry the burden of all problems.

Moreover, according to a similar product, we can have several suppliers. But these are nuances. I dream of my production. Therefore, the brand is spinning now.

We will be done under the contract when the manufacturer sews under our brand and with our design. The filler is the same.

Telegram Channels

The grid of channels per similar subject allows you to earn from 100,000. It can be done completely autonomous. But to invest. I will not go deep. As will be the first results, I will definitely tell.

Now I will write a little video and a little later I will attach this article.

I just say that I like this nonsense. Every day the load is for mind and nervous system.

No merit and feats, just life to put in such a position that you can not act differently. What is enough resource, the topics and row.

All good!