There are no people in the shopping center, but they continue to open.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I remember, in the 90s, not far from our house, there was a store with expensive Italian furniture. There only chairs cost 500 bucks. I have never seen someone to come there. Everyone with a friend was surprised who was so unsuccessful. Later I learned about different schemes of money laundering, and in general it became less in life to surprise.

But here, as numerous shopping center survive today, I wonder.

As soon as there were similar centers in Kazan, real madness was happening there: crowds of people, huge traffic.

Now everything is different. And it all started to isolation and other attacks, already 5 years old, as the excess of retail space is felt. Of course, this is a matter of my soul I do not like the crowd. I also remember those times when it was not to pour into local

Yes, and Kazan is not an indicator.

Somehow went on the outskirts of Peter in 2015, and looked at all the centers found on the way. And they were absolutely empty. More precisely, shops and points worked, and there were no people. Now I look at the network, still working, and strongly doubt that the number of visitors in them has increased dramatically.

Yes, that there is the outskirts of Peter, recently drove into the Moscow Riviera there too. How shops survive, I won’t do the mind.

Suppose Investors were calculated or decided to somehow legitimize their capital — built. Money is embedded, projects are launched, there are no paths.

Okay, we fools are small, we start the matter in the hope of perhaps, but these guys have money to hire the most steep analysts and marketers, the risks are unequivocally calculated.

Interestingly, the square is not empty. Tenants are and paying them huge money. Does all profit work, or have other reasons not to turn the business?

For me, this is relevant, because I have the very point in one of the unreleased shopping center of Kazan. And of course the main advantage is the cost of renting. It is about 4-5 times less than in top stores. He does not bring big profits, but I need it, to ensure the main activity. The network cafe is also approximately working to cover the territory for the delivery of aggregators. And not giving to develop competitors, even somewhere at a loss.

But the lion’s share of stores was opened in the hope of traffic. How do they survive?

There is still this quarantine, plus the gigantic market share is pressed by marketers, and huge centers continue to be built and open?

After all, according to logic, they must roll and gradually disappear. In the US, more than ten years the number of shopping centers decreases. But we are all otherwise.

Apparently there are much more deep laws of Russian business and should be understood until the next bubble burst. Maybe you explain to me how everything is arranged. Is it really all this scenery hiding a real business?

One thing is clear, put in stores located in big molla, the case is risky. It is said that the future is over the Internet, but this is the present, even somewhere past. Everything changes with a huge speed, the most early, that shopping centers continue to open.