The trinity visited his.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Being in the moment and not to think about the past and the future — well, but it does not always work. Life is constantly thrown into difficult situations, people with severe destinies pass by. Want you do not want to think about.

On the Trinity traveled to the cemetery in the village. My relatives are buried there: grandmother, great-grandmother, uncle, aunt. Women lived a long working life. Male lucky less.

Brother left, at 40, uncle in 47. Stood recalled, tried to comprehend and see the reason that led to this. There was a choice or from our will little depends.

When I remember those guys who did not survive until today, go to the background all claims and discontent, including to themselves. And their account goes to dozens. All plus minus my peers. And it’s not war of marina.


Now I live probably the most calm and happy period of my life. It is not always possible to appreciate what you have. I am 42, I have a favorite family, alive and healthy parents who no longer have to blush for my inadequate actions. I get to create good, give good.

Though late I study to take responsibility and destroy the problems. But I’m not used to living so that everything is fine. And I am waiting that one day it will end. Again one after another will go troubles. Maybe the echoes of 90s or kindergarten injuries.

Maybe we have no choice and we live the script. When I consciously tried to change my life, I could not overcome resistance. But when it came time, it all happened easily. Even talking not to their volitional merit. And I will never say anyone that everything is easy. Maybe everyone lives that life that painted. Maybe everything is sad and we are just trying to pull pink glasses and a positive trees in your brain.

Do not know.

But I know that you can learn to be grateful. Without self-deception and false. It will be easier to live, live Booth more fun. Verified.