The secret of happiness.

29 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I found a long time, just how to apply it to my life, I understood only now.

About 40 years old my experience. It may be universal for all ages, but in his youth I wanted another. I thought that to live — it means to experience the whole range of emotions. It seemed to comprehend the truth, you need to be afraid, and suffer and enjoy. Only on the contrast you can fully feel life.

But the need for swing between Euphoria and hopelessness is rather an indicator of my emotional unhealthy. Games, alcohol, women, food, purchases gave some anesthesia from the sir of everyday life. But over the years it became more and more anger, offense, self-sufficiency, less satisfaction and joy.

Very rarely met healthy people who could always enjoy life. After the youthful illusions fall out, only bitterness remains, cynicism and alcohol. It seemed that life was a series of stresses with which you need to cope with which you need to fight. Some situations began to avoid.

For example, hiking in some state. Institutions, including polyclinics. One thought about them caused some spasm in the chest. He refused meetings with some people. And more and more life resembled the war with the world, but the main thing.

I vinyl myself, I reproached that I can’t do elementary things without a nervous, I do not control my emotions and sometimes behavior. Therefore, lived a weekend when you can enhance the brain with complacency with alcohol. But I did not lose myself and always knew that it was not a way out. And I was looking for peace and joy. I was looking for in the temple, in the cockpit of a psychotherapist, at trainings, and in the books of the greatest minds of mankind.

Understood that

That’s all Zen Buddhism.

Of course you can interpret in different ways, but I understand. And the point is not in the worldview, but in our experience, which forces the negative there, where it is not necessary. The rat saw a certain set of hormones in the blood fell, the body reacted. Everyone in different ways, depending on the experience.

Here is this body reaction, I began to avoid. Because I did not know how to cope with fear, offense and irritation.

Wisdom leads healthy people to the equilibrium and the excreable perception of reality. And how I need to learn to react calmly on all what is happening around.

The source of all of our actions should be the brightest. What is in us. Someone calls it with love, I call justice. If I act on this, and always remember that I can change, it comes to peace. Slowed down, with the world accepted and thanked. If not satisfied, and I can change it, I change.

That’s all, nothing new is invented. Here and now there is everything for happiness. And all the goals, dreams and plans are just a landmark for our way !!!