The main thing to hold out to the end.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

This psychologists are simple. You live in pleasure, positively think, you are doing what you like, and the rest is riding the rest. In reality, everything is different. It can be needed several generations to reformat the genetic code.

Although today’s 20-year-olds do not understand what the USSR is, restructuring, 90s. There are no war in the heads. We were about the same revolution. It seemed to be, but sometime in another era.

Although we did not find wars, but still absorbed. Books, films, stories of those who passed the meat grinder. We did not perceive life as a comfortable place to relax and relaxation. We were not calm, and our motto was — be ready. Always on guard. Fly at any time: either from the sky bombs, or from the corner of the spit, or from the mother of such. And we were ready — did not take offense. No 90s shocked us.

We are ready for war, but not very much.

Handra is characterized by a Russian man. We need to cope with it. Not knowing how to cope — drink, fight, lying. And here the usual advice of psychologists will not deliver. You need to find your place, your point of support.

It is said that in 40 years already man is out of the market. If only did not become the top manager or business owner. But with due motivation, everything was different.

There is no fire in the eyes of the peers. It seems that all behind. Toli crowded early and aged, they were not able to grow up at all, depended in their youth. The same sports, the same music, the same. More than half of the guys are about such.

I drove to one such successful businessman. Day off, and he is at work. Sits in an empty office. Do not lie at home. He says that everything has gotten, and not ready for new challenges. It seems to be money, and the fed end. What is the point of starting to start? But it is necessary to live, allowing myself a little harmony.

More in sight successful and active, there are such too. But the rest is not even visible.

Humility and quiet life is not at all bad, the main thing is not to put the cross on yourself. Endless reflections and self-confidence contribute to this very much.

I know on my experience. The only medicine is the action.

Remember the old roller, where the man lies and does nothing. And the other he says that it is necessary to deal with things. Then asks why?

In general, long and logical answers to this question are reduced to the fact that one day you can lie and do nothing. Did you understand meaning?

In general, to lie and fully obtain pleasure with our upbringing is not easy. Inside there will be wines and shame, for useless pastime. As a result, all searches are reduced to the state where we normally and there are no negative emotions.

Doing and not to stay alone with your thoughts. Probably, psychologists will have their own advice, how to work out injuries and installations to understand what you want from life. But in fact, all change actions, desirable new ones. For old lead to old results.