The guard in the shopping center told how earn an additional ten thousand rubles per day without investments

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Want to live well, I will be well spinning well.

Over the past month I received so much lively communication, how much did not receive two years in the past year. And all because we decided to open retail points in Kazan shopping centers. Businessmen, director, service personnel, customers, designers, suppliers. They were transferred with a huge number of people of people from Burger King administrators to the sellers of the Sportmaster.

The situation as a whole is awesome, times heavy, and incomes below the plinth. But ahead is still the January-February lull. Mostly young people work. My peers and older no more than 15%.

Men of this age are mainly working in the security service. People they are harsh and silent. Apparently they are trained to have such an expression of a person so that even the desire has no one to violate the rules or appeal. But as usual, there are exceptions. One turned out to be cheerful and overwhelming, which information did not provide us with information.

All such a business, always on the phone. That objects are discussed, then the vacancies. She said that security is not its main source of income.

About income

Immediately his stories did not believe. But I asked to help solve a few questions. And he decided them. I needed to rent an apartment without intermediaries, find suppliers of polypropylene and a brigade of electrical installations. The question was closed in 15 minutes. And also, at my own familiar designer, I knocked out for me.

I would have such sociability, so I would have repaired business. Invaluable man for my blog and business. More than 3,000 contacts in the list of phones, and remember everyone.

He says he has 250 workers who need temporary work. He does not simply provide them with orders for cleaning, construction and dismantling, but also helps with housing, documents, moving from other regions.

The weather pleases, bread times began. Many orders for cleaning snow.

I work mainly with familiar, third-party customers do not even take, and so grabs. Why additional risks, although now rarely throw.

Why guard?

The official is needed. I am a simple man, uneducated and pretended all sorts of times. Today I cut off 100 kids, tomorrow the paws are squeezed. I don’t want to sell too. Why, and so everything is exactly. There is nerves, chiefs.

It is reliably, everyone knows me, I quietly do my business.

If you agree, I will take an interview with him, but I think that it is not really necessary for an extra advertisement.

Here is such another