The criteria of failure for a man after 40. Machines and cottages — not an indicator

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Many discussions on this topic in the comments. It seems that everything is simple — each other, but who can determine this most.

Who has something tangible criteria for success: cottage, position, relationship. For someone, life according to principles or spiritual landmarks. Someone constantly proves her friends, parents, women that they are worthy of them, someone on the contrary considers them all their opponents.

Well, there is no universal criteria, and okay. Created his own, and live normally … if you can. This is what the snag, because you always know where he deceived.

But there are such that they live with a mom at 40 years old, earn 20,000, thumps, and sincerely do not regret anything. Everything suits me.

And those who are externally successful, and loudly constantly declares this to others, it may be the most unfortunate man in the universe. Which and others, and herself tries to be assured in the opposite. I know one thing that cries when it is thrown.

It happens that sincerely satisfied with life, all in the Christmas tree. And the hands are gold, and there are brains, and the house is a complete bowl, and the children on some five learn. And then Batz — his wife has a lover. And flew into the abyss of a person.

For me, this problems are also relevant, otherwise I would not write. This inner dissatisfaction deprives peace. There is no more maximalism and the planks are not yet omitted. In his youth, they are good as landmarks to move and develop. But over the years begin to crush if the implementation is lame.

I always believed that success = self-realization

And now I think so. If a person has implemented his potential — it means he is successful. You can not have all the above attributes, but to do your favorite thing. For example, science. Be a passionate life and your goals. Or learn how to enjoy the moment, throwing all unnecessary vanity. Work, read, grow tomatoes on your 4 acres.

And I seem to be smoothly. Millions did not earn, did not accomplish great discoveries, but otherwise all areas at the level. And I tried to be strongly effortlessly, to take this moment. You can already relax and live in your pleasure. But I realized that it was not satisfied with me. I do not feel the implementation of the laid potential.

What is possible in his dissatisfaction, I see satisfaction today. Well, I’m not ready to live just life, and I need goals, discoveries and emotions. These permanent searches make me move, search, experiment. So far, it may disappear over the years, and maybe not.

But here another important point that contributes to my peace of mind. I try to act without great expectations. This is already age. An attempt is more important than a big result. Write a book, run half-marathon, run production — these are my criteria, not circulation, records and billions. Although the bonus will not hurt at all.

Looking around, I see not so many happy people. And financial success is not exactly an indicator — joyful life. And even the implementation does not always bring satisfaction. It is more probably about the attitude with me and with others. It is necessary to learn this, even if you really want to isolate from the world.