The client did not pay for the goods.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

If you leave the opportunity to throw, it is sooner or later throwing.

Who did not fit on promises? Now I even look at the marriage contracts anything in youth. He painted everything as it was, cost without any problems.

Of course, it’s dumb to think in advance and share something, if you promise in love, and in row. Not in Russian. But if you look at the statistics of divorces, everything will become extremely clear.

In business, everything is clear, no romance. But if you just start, and the customer cat is cut, so I want to make a compromise. Where is that not to be confused by documents, someone to give to the implementation, especially all you have to do. For example, the documents have not done yet, and the goods need to be raised urgently.

This is how the goods were delivered to one Dagestanz without invoice and disassembly began with threats and insults. Moreover, it seems to really believe that we brought him less than arguing.

It seems that everything is simple: Agreement — Application — account — invoice. How many nervous cells will save this scheme. But this is if the side is irremotionally look at things. At the moment everything seems otherwise.

A familiar lawyer said that bureaucracy strains everyone and slows down the engine. But even with friends there are overlays. They supplied expensive equipment from Turkey and did not come, because they decided not to bother with documents, the conditions were discussed in words, but everyone understood in its own way. As a result, friendship is the end. Only with experience comes that the little things do not happen. The entire interaction algorithm was prescribed in the contract and follow him clearly.

Part of our customers restaurants, cafes, hookah and other entertainment facilities. We work with someone on a prepayment, and someone has a deferred payment. There are no problems at all. Everyone is aimed at long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

But some are offered to work for cash and ask to put on sales, and who want to pay 6% of revenue. But in the end it will be more expensive.

And with Dagestan, did not work out. The amount is insignificant. Just do not work with him anymore, but put it with a competitor to the same product with a discount. Well, for soothing.

Contracts perform, you will all receive: orders, recommendations, respect. And there is no court.

The contract is certainly not a panacea, especially if it is compiled by the customer, and the fines are there for each jamb. Some trading networks make their masterfully. And in the promised 40 days payment does not come. But there is a more difficult story.

Marketplauses are less loyal, for them the future, and the present also. Our main efforts are focused there. About the experience of entering and promoting to Ozon, Wildberries, Kazanexpress will write on the channel.