Thanks to Pope, Mom and Suvorov School

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл


I am 41. On the Vskidka, more than half of the moss of acquaintances on youth lost in this life. First of all it concerns the guys. Many are no longer on white light, someone drinks, someone still dangles on the camps.

There are successful. Someone became a doctor who works on television. Someone, passing through the crime and imprisonment returned to normal life. But there are not very many such examples.

Difficult choice in troubled times

I do not like definition

But the percentage of guys with higher education, among my yard friends and classmates, extremely low. Then they threw the school, at best, they went to special, swirls and techies. And then, only for parents behind. What for? Everyone believed that money and education are incompatible things.

If you do not dig deep, those who did not go to the crime, did not boil, but went to learn, they live a normal life. Just at that time it was not easy to make the right choice. Everything was mixed even for adults, and teens just tried to survive on the street.

Parents decided

Now it is fashionable to say that the child must make a decision. It is impossible to break his borders. Otherwise, you will not forgive your mistakes. Maybe you are right. But we have a few other experience. Ask me at the age of 14, in the distant 1994, what I want to do in the next three years, I would definitely not spoke about the barracks, outfits, and march. About the street, girls, alcohol, new freedom — yes, but not about voluntary imprisonment.

What was the parents of adolescents, looking at all this chaos? When my documents were given for admission to the Suvorov School, I was in rabies. Yes, the mixture of emotions is not even described. Protection youth to an absolute unprotective future. I thought, bash and would not do. Did not carry.

In general, it passed through all the stages of the loss of a roaches of youth (denial, anger, bargaining, depression) and got to adoption. I think we just matured before. All the same discipline and responsibility do their job. Yes, and teachers we had good. Fathers-commander — this is not your mom, and not even dad.

Over the years it becomes more noticeable.

Strange, but then I did not believe that we would be successful. What are the prospects for the army? Labor, war in the Caucasus, cold barracks in the Far Eastern garrisons. I watched the Soviet films about the army, a landing and thought that how was not lucky with the era. But youth is always hope that everything will be fine and we are waiting for a special fate.

Not everyone became officers, almost everyone could take place in life, in the family, in the profession. Even look younger, getting straightened.

Although some are already pensions in their 40 with a little.

This is also the question of freedom of choice. Not for everyone they decided parents, but for many. And what were the alternatives? And maybe there is no choice. Just everyone lives his fate? Well, it is not on the topic.

And on the topic: discipline, correct guidelines and do not abuse harmful — here is the key to success and health at any time.

Good friends!