Tatars in the fourth place among the richest peoples of the country.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

I was going to write an article about the most influential Tatars of the country. First, because this people’s largest national minority in Russia. Secondly, half the Tatar alone, I live in Tatarstan. But as usual, everything went wrong, and I plunged into wider statistics.

I recently stumbled upon the material of the Kazan newspaper on how the Tatars rushes to power, taking the key posts in the government and business. A little renewed this topic, and at the same time I looked at what nationalities are most successful in our country.

About the Tatar

I looked at the lists of all significant politicians and officials with Tatar roots. In fact, they are not so much as it may seem.

From major federal leaders immediately come to mind Marat Husnullin, Elvira Nabiullina, Rashid Nurgaliyev. There are several managers rank down.

Athletes are more, and here everything is more objective than in politics or show — business. In addition to the Bolt and Accessories to the clan, talent is needed.

Alina Zagitova, Alina Kabaeva, Alina Akhatova, Aliya Mustafina, Alice Galyamova …. This I started only with a beautiful half, whose names begin on A.

Doctors, scientists, directors, actors, dancers, composers. The people are rich in talents.

With businessmen, too, order. And pleases that not only at the expense of oil billions. Although most of the representatives of Tatarstan from the Forbes list still have attitudes to this industry.

Interestingly, a few years ago, the most rich people in Hungary and Ukraine were also Tatars. There is no accurate data about the state of Renata Akhmetov today. Yes, and he does not enter our ratings.

But the banker and investor Megoth Rakhimkulov returned from Hungary to Russia and replenished the local list of billionaires.

Russian or Jews?

By the number of billionaires and the cumulative state of the Tatars are only fourth. 3.7% of the country’s population and 9 billionaires in the list of the richest people of the country.

Russians out of competition — 91 people and total capital approximately 173 billion bucks.

The state of the richest Jews is 117 billion and 41 people in the Forbes list.

In third place is Ukrainians. 25 billioners with a state of 75 billion.

The mansion is the mountain Jews. This group is the most successful, at a ratio of the number of billionaires to the general chille of residents, and they have the largest average capital.

What is the best Tatars?

Representatives of this nation are uniformly distributed among politicians, artists, businessmen. But most of all success is achieved in sports. Particularly highlighted beautiful tatars in figure skating and rhythmic gymnastics.

And among their loved ones and relatives did not notice any differences and a tendency to certain professions and hobbies. But it will be necessary to delve into this question more.