Submitted a subsidy from the state.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

But no one gave money yet)))

I had a good experience in receiving grants. Not for myself, just helped execute. Now everything has become a little simpler.

To obtain a subsidy, it is necessary to be self-employed, pay for all the time of operation at least 3,000 tax not be an entrepreneur. And learn and get a diploma.

The last item is the easiest, training took place online, based on the results of which it was necessary to fill out the workbook and send it to the mailbox.

As I understood, there were no checks and all the granted diploma received a diploma. About 600 people. And the money was allocated 50 million rubles, with a maximum amount per person 200 thousand rubles. They can be spent not only to equipment and materials, but also on the site, their account in social networks, advertising.

It feels that in the yard of the 21st century. You can instantly get the necessary information in the chat, exchange contacts and find partners. The management of the entrepreneurship support center is openly and themselves urge them to write them in a personal in the event of issues.

Not everyone will receive subsidy. I was embarrassed by one moment that the priority would be in those who will give faster. It caused a small chaos in the chat. The people nervous and was going to serve on the first day, to take the turn from night, although it is possible to do this during the month.

The application consisted of a statement, warranty writing and agreement on data processing, in form. It is done for 10 minutes, but the statement is the point — the estimate of the planned costs and their rationale. Many painted. But I had only item — part of the payment for commercial vehicles.

From the tax office printed a certificate of registration and paid taxes, profile screen. Copies of the passport and the Inn are standard.

A small portfolio in its activity. Several paragraphs and color photographs of the process, work, references to the social network, the screenshots of contracts, etc. All at discretion. The only requirement is at least 3 color photos.

And in more detail on the estimate to paint, make screenshots or photos from the Internet, from different resources to confirm the cost. I made a few screenshots of the car with, Avito and the site of the car dealership.

The application is stitched by threads. I decided not to go on an excitement came on the second day, took the coupon and passed the number 68. Take about 30 people per hour 6 specialists. There were delays, but only by the fault of self-employed. If something wrong was issued by the specialists of the center helped eliminate the shortcomings.

Another moment. Everything was cool organized could only come with a flash drive, all print, numbered and sew right on the spot. All conditions center provided.

Not a fact that approve on a used car, but the process itself is more important. For myself structured and described the process. Training was also useful from existing entrepreneurs, including trading on marketers.

Money is small but the site, advertising and laptop is enough. Yes, a lot for what is enough, and if the scale is larger, then for entrepreneurs there are more functions. In Tatarstan, only 1.5 billion on support is allocated annually. And there are still municipal and federal programs.

All good!