Scroughout method, which always helps improve the condition, even in the morning

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

For me, the morning is always hard.

How much I remember he always hated him. Sadik, school, Rota-lift. Then still alcohol and nicotine consequences were added. I’m not about drowsiness. It was always bad physically and psychologically. Some nervous spasms, alarms negative thoughts. For many years I tried to change these states: I slept right, did not eat, drank water, did not watch TV. Meditated, ran, swimming. But nothing has changed radically.

I had to accept and adapt. A couple of hours after waking up to restore. Quietly drink coffee, watch sports news, listen to music. And especially not to trust with his alarm. For two hours, everything comes to normal, the voltage is absorbed and everything is seen in a different light. You can live. But recently I feel constant fatigue, and I had to look for decisions again.

Again, meditation, affirmations, self-hypanosis, experiments with the time of waste to sleep and awakening. Warm baths, shower, disconnection of gadgets, walks and even assigned to the neuropathologist tablets did not help.

My father experienced similar state throughout his life and for himself he found salvation in a certain complex of physical exertion, the basis of which is fast walking. But these ways did not affect my morning states.

Self-analysis and planning were partially helped. I will not say that the problem is radically solved, but the alarm has become much less.

This method helps not save different garbage, debts and unfinished affairs. Sometimes in the morning I catch myself on the fact that the brain jumps from one problem to another: it is not done, contributions must be paid, I also forgot to congratulate my sister happy birthday, etc. etc. And sometimes even this is not aware, just a bad background.

In the evening I highlight for 20 minutes for writing:

I evaluate my day, making focus on the pros.

I analyze your behavior and jambs. I think this can be corrected.

I paint all obligations. To clearly represent the picture, and not hide.

I understand the alarms on those where my responsibility, and where nothing depends on me.

I will throw a plan for tomorrow, which allows you not to twitch and calmly move along the day.

This short period of time becomes key in my life. Especially not to bother the technology did not. The easiest analysis and plan for relaxes or classics.

But if it is harnessed, only one way really works since childhood. Scrooge suggested, take and recount your millions if they are. Helps at any time of day, verified