Sale growth in Wildberries exposed our problems.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

A sudden sales splash led to the fact that all the goods ended in a few days. We planned a large delivery in a week.

I urgently brought a small game to the Kazan warehouse, but it was already 4th day, I did not appear on the site.

It is impossible to allow a similar one in any case, this is the first rule of successful trading on marketers. Otherwise, you can no longer return to the previous positions.

We almost had enough to be on the first page of issuing orthopedic pillows in the category.

The shipment took 6 hours, in warehouses everything is clogged and large queues. Again, something washed with monopals. It is time to hire a separate person responsible for the supply, otherwise everything changes every day.

It seems to be live and rejoice, there are many orders. But not everything is so simple. The manufacturer does not cope. There is not enough material and working capacity. But the main thing is not the staff.

We need about 1000 pillows per month, and in the future even more.

It is clear that the company will gradually expand in all plans, ordered additional equipment, but the goods are needed today. And everything rests on Swie. They are in Kazan on the weight of gold.

Sold announcements where only you can, but there are no calls. We arrived at the studio, started the secret chats of Shvent in messengers, but so far to no avail.

Kazan is certainly not Ivanovo, but a little unexpected. Many have found their niche and quietly work at home. If there are friends, who can be interesting, then move

Time 8.00 I finish the article and in battle. Although it has long stopped to fight, I try to plan in life, keep your equilibrium. Health is most important.

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All good week friends!