Russian laziness all wines?

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

It is said that Leng prevents Russian person to live beautifully. Therefore, fences curves and shutters unpacked. But something does not fold here.

Since childhood, overturns watched foreign pictures. Some other world, where everything is more beautiful, richer, in mind. Even if these are pictures from the Russian textbook in German or black and white photos from Hungary. In old films, where Poland or Baltic States showed the second world, everything was different. Neat buildings, beautiful haystacks, cellar with pickles.

I am not about prosperity, but about the attitude towards the surrounding space.

Now I remember my native village with warmth, and foreign pictures do not worry at all, but it is rather a question of nostalgia and longing, rather than understanding that so better. Skovo and not good, but the special atmosphere of the village imprinted forever.

He came to her grandmothers to the village, and there were bold hips, overgrown areas. All for 20 acres, goes under potatoes, apple beds, gardens under vegetables, but all somehow crooked. Seni moved, the railing falls off, the baths went to the ground.

Even if exactly and neatly, it still looked in Russian. The picture was the same, that in Russian, that in the Tatar villages. Raspberries, blurred roads, gray farms.

Well, plus-mine painting. Flesh over carved shutters and platbands is yes. And make a neat garden in front of the windows is empty.

It is clear that there was no money and materials, but much could be done with the soul to cozy. It seemed that all this garbage is secondary.

A little better, there were cases in the country’s cottages, but there were rare examples of how it can be done neatly without high tools. But there were others. And for us, the cottage was more hobbies than the sphere of survival.

It seems that the question of comfort was secondary. Of course, I got excited about the absence of lazy people, but coming to the village, always amazed at how much local work. The main work is plus as much on the housework. Seasonally, of course, but still. Stand up to 5 Drive the cattle in the herd and rushed to the night. No rest or entertainment.

I assume that just time was not enough to do everything. First of all, the main thing: potatoes, cattle, firewood, etc. The same 20 acres go to handle at one time with sowing or cleaning, and in the winter it is necessary to rest. Life was debugged by generations, and there is simply no time to engage in German comfort.

Well, okay before there was no time, all the forces went to the common, money and materials were also not, the general rules were different, etc. Now everything is different. Weight villages with expensive foreign cars here like and houses are capital, and the car in the garages is expensive. He came to a friend all there: a tractor, two cars, a house of 200 squares. But most of the plot of some trash, broken pit, wheels from K-700.

About rich suburban villages in general silent. We look at such a village and does not feel comfortable from him. No rusticity and stateness remained. Although the owners do not call lazy. All free time and means spend on improvements, in their own way try to make beautifully, capital, but it turns out not particularly.

Apparently, it’s still not in laziness.