Raised 4 million, but the miracle did not happen.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл


Kazan Stormist last weeks. The fact is that large financial pyramids collapsed. Who would doubt that? But faithful adepts are still trying to believe in miracles. I can not even imagine how many people invested in this dubious enterprise.

My friend flew into the topic successfully. I managed to triple my investments when the promotion was in full swing. Then I suggested to invest in the normal project, but the light money turned my head. Why, if everything is on ointment …

He again brought all the money there, also took 2 million, but the second miracle did not happen.

Now it goes crazy in search of some kind of scheme to repel the lost millions.

It is amazing that not only frivolous, like this comrade, climbed into debt. But many serious businessmen, whom I considered Mathers and even wise.

Slim calculation, they say that the pyramid and risks are overestimated, but the chances are real.

200 million was investing. Yes, they still exposed statistics to the network, attracting other people. Ribbon Pepped photo from fun parties, steep events and rest on yachts. People thanked the fate and organizers of the platform, for giving them a new beautiful life.

Well, ok, I managed to pull my own, but what are the rest who went beyond you? Game Figli. Each garlic, smart people knew what would end. And the fool and deceive himself happy.

Some still do not believe, hang on the stages of bargaining and denial.

The temptation was to invest when he saw the grandmothers take off, Mersery for 35% of the cost buy. And not fools invested. There was also a free amount. But life experience said that the game and freebies always go to harm. Therefore, rowing is slowly less effective way. I believe that it is ready for the readiness as much as it will not be harmed. Crazy money can be treated, such examples are enough.

But the frets, people got a lesson, someone is very tough, and someone did not get out at all. But the game continues, there is already a message about creating a new steep project, which for a couple of years will work and bring huge baryrs to participants. And the people again rushing back in the hope of catching: and those who raised, and those who have lost everything. All as in a gambling game. And my friend is rushing with round gases to catch the wave again.

Do not lose sanity! Back to return it is not easy. By yourself I know

Good for all!!!!