Pushings changed my life in 35 years.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Having created the channel I zeen, I wrote a lot about pushups. This is my favorite exercise and so it will remain forever. At least later, that my healthy life began with him.

I am asked why I don’t write about workout anymore. I answer.

I started with 10 repetitions day, and after a few months I brought the result to 75. And then the motivation has appeared to change your life. Neither money, no gyms, no special form is required. Split from the sofa and forward.

After I already changed the workout and complicated the exercise itself.

But since last November, completely stopped doing. Instantly scored overweight. Then she covered the most powerful attack of ironic fatigue. Think thousands of thousands of tests and consultations, but did not find the reasons. The only thing that were unanimously all doctors are that you need to refuse from training, leaving only walking.

After the New Year holidays, it became a little easier and I began to press it out gradually and squat. I want the classes in no way injured the body. I observed the required minimum in the form of a workout and a hitch.

And he was injured when without preparation raised the cargo at work. What is in the elbow jerk and passed. But after a few days the pain appeared. MRI serious injury did not reveal, but heals slowly. Yes, and the attacks of weakness did not go anywhere.

Time is also missing, life offers new challenges.

Therefore, only walking and running.

Moreover, there is no resistance to me in me, on the contrary, the premonition of bliss and relaxation is motivated. I hope soon I can return to full loads.