Previously, people breathed fresh air, ate natural food and lived normally up to 38 years

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Yes, every year everything becomes only worse. Everything was better before. Well, almost everything.

The numbers say the other, but who believes statistics? How do you check that the average life expectancy even in Russia is more than 70 years old, and in some countries in general at 90?

You can’t check if you just do not count all your friends, the average age, the percentage of departed, etc. But Mouorne. It seems a lot of peers from the 90s did not live, but in fact 9 out of 10 alive. And if you take those who are old old too alive. My parents under 70, the mother-in-law and the test even more. Do not say that everyone is healthy, but alive.

Yes, what am I talking about? It used to be better. Fresh air, natural food, even sausage was useful. Scientists argue that the average age in many respects depended on child mortality. Namely she was high. But if you delete it, how much did people live 100 years ago?

But still much depended on the indulgent, epidemics, wars. In Russia, the 20th century began the average age of those who lived up to 20 years, amounted to 61 years. Surely among the aristocracy and merchants, he was higher.

It turns out it became better than before, even despite the fact that I breathe emissions and consume GMOs.

Why does the brain tell us the fairy tales showing only what confirms the illusion? Do we really want to believe that before everything was better? It is more profitable to convince himself that it is better now. Even ate there is no better and worse.

Or is Statistics lying?