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28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл


I did not write a day 4. With me, for the first time in 2.5 years of channel keeping. Even regular fatigue attacks were not a hindrance. And here apathy after the trip. Tired. We were worn like as taken, still managed, some cases decide on the phone.

Such a rhythm of life is not for me. Yes, and I don’t like to save on vacation very much. You know, there are such that you need to put ticks, having visited all the intended places. So we are so this time.

For three days found under 100,000 steps. I always went to Moscow by train or by car, and then they decided to back the plane. And at some point I regretted. The plane flies for about an hour, but the taxi in Domodedovo drove two and a half times longer.

After the trip felt like a brush. And things have accumulated, and they need to urgently cut. At such moments, you want to send everything and go away. Therefore, I had to include the power saving mode and discard all the incidental cases, including the channel. As a result, the statistics fell immediately once in 5.

But all such and in the capital managed to ponslast. We were promoted the situation on business and housing. I have not yet discarded my thoughts here to move in real prospects for work.

In the past few years, my relatives from Rostov and Ivanovo moved here. Who immediately joined the new rhythm. But those who are older not easy. Some roads are worth. Try with unaccustomed in the right place to turn on the junction. Solid nerde. It is not at the cottage in the province rest.

I began to write an article about housing and work in Moscow. Therefore I will not deepen. I can only say that there is a job, with payment plus-minus 150,000. Apartments in a more or less decent area are standing under 30 million. The figures do not motivate the numbers at all for moving.

And from the advantages just that many familiar. Theaters, clubs and other metropolitan entertainment have long been not interesting for me. Otherwise, I do not even know. In terms of comfort and infrastructure, Kazan is only enlarged at times. I would probably have attracted all the movement, but alas ….

Single serious motivator if there are prospects for work. For men, this moment is always key.

In the meantime, we return to Kazan.