Only in 45 decided on the second child

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Decide on such a step when the task is minimum, and life has long come in a calm bed, it is extremely difficult.

I wrote a lot about your fatherhood experience and their plans for the future. But I am the late growing))) married only at 38 years old, and for the first time. Now almost 42 and want the second child. Not everyone is delighted with such an idea: on the one hand, the boalant to the older years, on the other — the decision is selfish. But who will be lying. It is possible to rationalize differently. I have no doubt.

But my friend who has not seen for several years, went to the second time to become a parent for almost 20 years. And became. I asked for his experience to share it.

We have not seen each other for a long time, but I am so accustomed that he has a well-established life that does not have sharp changes that he did not immediately believe in his story.


He said that it was difficult to solve it. Still both for a long time for 40, an adult daughter, study at the institute. Much doubted, and when they decided — it did not get pregnant. But in the end, they gave a good one.

«… I tried to remember the birth of the first child, but everything is like in the fog. Both of the slighties are still 20 with a little. Somehow unknowingly, everything flew away. The Bole drank, they swore, all this family life is background. The first years I also remember , it came late, all the wife hung with the child. Now everything was different: and scary, and exciting. Until the latter it was not believed, it seemed that this period of life was held.

I sometimes seems to me that old age is not far from around the corner, instead of activity I choose peace. Although I go to the hall, business works. Although there is a power, power in the hands is. Energy leaves head, from thoughts and desires.

The child we wanted to reboot their lives, experience new emotions. Of course, the decision is selfish. We wanted him not for yourself. But perfectly understood what it threaten us. Refuse their convenience and convenient habits, live for the baby, there is already a more responsible and mature solution.

The baby is two years old and its appearance is the best, what happened to me over the past 20 years. But maybe it is necessary to come to this. I lived for a long time in disappointment from the family, I wanted to divorce and remain idle forever. But there is emptiness. What are the meanings need?

Now yourself like a child. I go to the store to buy a daughter toy, but I catch myself thinking that I choose myself.

Soviets will not give anyone. This path must pass each. Maybe nature forgives unwanted children in youth. But such ages should not be, otherwise you will annoy myself. This is my experience … «