No longer easy to rise.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Over the years we are more difficult to experiment with fate, career, relationships, a place of residence. Root to the usual way of life. It is not bad, it allows you to stand tightly on the legs, an evolutionary way by improving your life.

Smoothly and slowly gaining wisdom, gradually refuse unnecessary. We put the goals, without leaving far from your gauge, and we achieve them.

It is almost an ideal story if everything is satisfied in life. But it often happens that cardinal changes are needed. Life was not set and if everything is done in the old way, then the results will not be new.

With age, it is hard to take a serious step. The whole thing is the habit and the price of error is high.

But it is necessary to deal.

Yesterday I asked if he should dismiss him? Began to disassemble the situation, it turned out that the work is arranged, but it is not raised, problems with the boss. Therefore drinks. They also shown, it turns out to be problems with the bosses due to alcohol. Vicious circle? No, the primary problem is not in operation. But it is not easy to see it. You yourself believe in our illusions.

It seemed to me that I was not satisfied with everything. You know, it happens so that it will give one tooth and it seems that all the jaw nets. It is important to find this tooth.

I was not satisfied with health, relationship, work, internal condition. But at the same time everything was tolerant. He played with the idea of changes, read articles and motivational books, wrote plans. And even started to act. But not in that, the most problematic, sphere.

Drink 2 liters of water per day can and useful, but from alcoholism or lack of money, it is unlikely to help.

The comfort zone may be in a 12 hour shift in the cold, and in relations where there is no love. Because the pain and hopelessness are understandable and are familiar, and the changes carry new emotions and the difficulties that do not want to face.

It was easier for me that I reached the bottom and could not live like that. But for this I had to see the key problem.

You need to decompose your life on the shelves. Take a look from. You can do it without a psychologist, but someone’s sophisticated look does not hurt. How much did you live? How much is left? What did I achieve? What do you want? What does not suit? Etc. etc. Work, relationship, place residence, alcohol, unprofitable projects in which many are invested.

And do not want to dig. Despite the serious age, infantilism is present: we hope that everything will say with itself. And it happens, but most often we understand where they deceive themselves.

I generally for the soft way, but sometimes you need drastic measures. For example, to get out of all destructive relationships or change jobs, place of residence, business. It is easier to destroy than to create, but sometimes the second without the first is unbelievable.