New day changing the world around, character traits and reaction to stress

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

They say that people do not change. Plus-minus is added some features and new masks, and the latter remains the same.

With this statement disagree. I saw fundamental changes in worldview and reactions to life. I saw the self-destruction turned into creation and vice versa. Yes, and I myself achieved small success.

Did not accept myself from childhood. In any era of the world, we need stress-resistant and sociable. And if it is tense and closed, it is hard to learn to live and destroy problems. Even with the girl to get acquainted not easy. So I did not take.

On the one hand, self-esteem was understood on the other — there was a reason to look for tools to change themselves. Neither carnegie nor the boxing section did not give the desired results in the worldship, but the alcohol at some stage a lot of life eased and decorated. Then he returned with interest, but who in his youth thinks about the future.

Already later, when I started changing the outside of my life, I again approached the identity change. I wanted to annoy less, more confidence and adoption.

Everything was trying by the power of the will curb his emotional sphere. Nothing turned out. Requested from bad habits, began to play sports and tempt. But the irritability grew and communicated with people. Maybe therefore the blog appeared that the need for communication with the world is and should be closed.

There were trainings and psychologists, a lot of smart literature, but there was no peace of mind. Maybe where are the accumulated fatigue, head and muscle pain.

Everything said that you need to get rid of myself from stress, find a quiet place and work on the remote. But somehow I thought about this perspective and realized that for me it was like death. Yes, I can always return to this option. But now such age, if you do not do something serious, it is unlikely to decide.

Therefore, I chose daily stress again. True, in addition to the problems there are still moving and sea of positive. A lot of dating different, and not all of them cause tension. Previously, people depreciated, they were gray. They were the source of danger.

And I myself was the same. Now everything has changed, in each you can see the story and the whole world.

But in order to survive in this energy-proof bustle, it is necessary to maximize the efforts of experience.

The most effective way is not to turn off the way — to live one day. It is difficult to be conscious in the moment. But if you configure yourself in the morning that only today I will live calmly, under any circumstances I will not go out of myself, I will not forget about the primary, I will not complain and concentrate on the problems, I will not blame my wife, and spend your nerves on the road, That everything works. One day in time.

How it turns out to cling to the idea that everything goes as it should, so immediately becomes more trouble. And you feel that otherwise you look at things that caused the negative all my life. And people are normal, you are quite worthy.

May not work with anything with business. But such experience and impressions more valuable money. And how much new things have to find out and mastering and mastering.

If you think in the mornings that you have to live all the time, immediately becomes bad, I want to score where far away with the fishing rod. But one day can be. And every day there is less desire to escape. But we again feel curiosity and interest. So far alive.