Moved business.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

«How many?» — Readers ask me, and I do not know myself. Personally invested about 500,000 rubles. About losses and income have not yet to say, everything goes into development. But the turnover for 4 months rose at times.

I guess I can’t be fully serious and honest in this topic. Because I do not reveal the basic direction of your activities. Many here are reproached in this, demanding everything around the shelves: what and where to take? Where do I give? What margin? etc. Maybe I will scatter once when a similar act will not carry risks. But I can tell something.

It all started with the fact that one friend told how in Moscow supplies products to network institutions. This product on the roar of our city is not yet, but the establishments of this format above the roof. Contact suppliers, found out prices and other conditions.

Further with the pricears went to potential customers. Interest exceeded all the most bold expectations. There were orders for the floor of the truck, and no deferred payments and other inconveniences related to deliveries. Urgently registered the office and began moving.

Everything went through the stump a deck, there was no money for the money, so everyone was dragging themselves. Yes, and now too. But the gather had to delve into all the subtleties of the accounting, economy, logistics, sales, etc. Crooked-space, but went. 12 hours on the legs and time does not remain anything. The benefit were blanks for the blog. But worse than the whole — neurosis from endless problems and nonstovers. Thoughts about why I spoiled a balanced life to myself. It is necessary to return to hiring, write uncomplicated articles. And live yourself calmly. I would not pull exactly emotionally.

To tell how much in general is invested in the direction I can not. But the numbers are not so big as the risks initially. Now they started working with networks, everything is much more serious there. Shares, bonuses, entrance, postponed payments for 40 days.

It was possible not to twitch, sit calmly and cut a penny until someone did it and would not take on all the distribution in the region. Then you have to turn the shop.

Times such that no candle breeding without moving will last for a long time. Every day you need to invent something new and small stall and a large corporation. Otherwise, do not survive.

In parallel with the main direction, they launched a small island in the shopping mall despite the fact that we bought it for 100,000 rubles. It works in plus, albeit small. If I decided to engage only with this business, it would be possible with additional investments in 250-300 thousand to withdraw it on income from 100,000 per month. But we have other plans for him.

So far only supplemented our assortment, and it brings in the area 1000 rubles. Clean profit per day.

And with business, to be honest, scary. Returns are growing and debts are also increasing. I broke out with my wife for a few days in Yalta, so it is impossible to relax.

On the other hand, it is too early to go to the finish. There is also an interest, and the scenario has been identified by which everything should work out.