Moscow — not Russia, but a small business — not a business

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

The other day I drove to our client, the owner of the network of entertainment establishments, discuss the supply of goods.

He immediately discarded the expensive positions, long and expensive argued that Moscow was not Russia that even the rich thoughts and market mechanisms were fundamentally different from those worked in the province. The capital is worth the mansions, here 80% of all the money of the country, other mentality, but mechanisms are not much different. Other Russia, but Russia.

The conversation went on the topic of business, and how to get out after all last year’s shocks. He said that on the eve of Quarantine for the first time in two years of work reached the break-even point, scored a solid base of regular customers and expected a rapid growth by 2020. And then this story.

So, but here’s what is interesting. I have never heard from entrepreneurs that everything is cool and small business rushing, even before the pandemic. Only endless complaints, that this is voluntary slavery at its own expense. But now it was all cool.

Large business is also hemorrh, but at least the bonuses are tangible. And here they pick up, you will unwind endless problems and carry permanent losses. It looks like the truth from the mouth of novice entrepreneurs, most of them fail. More precisely, the experience of which was calculated.

But everyone complains, and those who long in the market. Those who have passed a tough school, and their weaklings can not be called.

Surely many problems, and someone is completely on the verge. But this is apparently our Russian tradition, everything is exaggerated to tell what was better before. God forbid, some structures will suspect that you have money. Therefore, from sin away all crying, which is worse and permanently losses. But this caution is in a strong conflict with the desire to pont. Therefore, Mersery and BMW, so far in honor.

«Well, this is the remnants of the past luxury,» the merchants are sigh, which are expensive to engage in their favorite hobby. And whom this German junk will now surprise.

Although what a loved one there. They complain not only for the lack of sales, but on everything at once: on corruption, gangsters, cattle, slave labor. Apparently small business in Russian is really no business. Or business with amendment. What we have western philosophy of success, we have signs tested by centuries))))

Although I selected that I never heard a positive. One of my familiar Azerbaijani from a collective farm market, who has two points with fish and vegetables, always smiles and everything is sold as it should.

But apparently, it’s not long to smile, and maybe our signs do not apply to them. Therefore, it turns out to be trading, even without instagram, tick current and other modern marketing priblud.

No conclusions. Just watching small business representatives.

In the West, the entire economy is holding them. They occupy most of the market, not banks, oilmen and manufacturers of iPhones. But we are all different