Marriage with Tatar.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Russian-Tatar marriages in our territories are not uncommon. But I noticed that the husband is most often in such families, and the wife of Tatarka. In my environment so.

Tatars Tatars Maine there are such that the language does not know and understand little in Tatar culture. The city erases everything, if not holding the roots and do not adhere to traditions. But my mother is not from such. Therefore, her decision to marry Russian struck countrymen in the distant 1978.

But the connection with the roots never broke. Always performed at the local sake of television in the native language. If there was an opportunity in communication, always passed to Tatar. Knows all local poets, writers and artists. True, the religion has always been kept aside. But here the role played the role of Komsomolskaya youth. And membership in the party and religion were incompatible. Therefore, grandmother from the side of the father had to be baptized with sisters with sisters.

But in the family in this regard, there was a complete equality. Christian, and Muslim holidays and Muslim holidays were in-sest.

For me, the key factors had a language, more precisely, his absence. It is clear that at home we communicated in Russian. Yes, and Kazan city Russian, not so often you hear Tatar speech on the street. In kindergarten, at school, in the institute everyone communicated on great mighties.

For a year, I stayed at my grandmother a year. In the village already few people understood in Russian, but I could not speak in my mom. I just had a company guys on vacation from Naberezhnye Chelny and Elabugi, and we communicated in Russian.

And my little sister spoke. And now freely communicates and more itself identifies as Tatarka. Her husband is by the way Tatar. And the second sister of the tongue does not know and with Tatar culture, it does not associate almost nothing, and the husband is Russian.

Often the family visited Tatar performances, where I was father and younger sister sat in headphones. But this was exactly not enough to feel himself with a Tatarin.

Although I am a patriot of my homeland. I read a lot of local authors, and Abdurahman Absalimov was in his youth one of the most beloved writers. He loved Jalil and even tried to translate Tuka.

But it’s a drop in the sea. Russian culture, and Blessurium, too, prevailed Totally. And he felt Russian.

In the relationship I was also easier with Russian girls. They are more tolerant and softer or something. My skulls and the complexity of the Tatarka did not tolerate for a long time, they have a clear understanding of what a man should be.

But married the same methisk. In Tatar, they do not speak and both more Russian rather than Tatars. The leading wedding led in two languages.

But blood gives to ourselves. And maybe all of us in with age stretch to their roots. I want to learn more about the ancestors, about their lives and traditions. Yes, they are still a Tatar over the years. It is noticeable by clothes, cooking.

I do not know how blood, but it seems to me in what language you think, that and nationality prevails. But the main thing is not this.